Perfectly Imperfect

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I really find it hilarious when someone tells you they love you and then you find out a day later that they cheated on you and had the nerve to show up at your house after and sleep over like nothing ever happened. I find it funny that even when you didn’t do shit to the other person, you still get treated like trash in return. All I ever did was love him and all he ever did was lie to me and disrespect me. And even after you’ve broken up, the other person still has so much control over you because you actually had true feelings toward them and poured your heart and soul into the relationship while the other was just fucking around and telling lies the whole time. But you have no control anymore because you opened up to that other person and put every card on the table while they just hid theirs and let you fall for them and had no intention on every catching you. It is so damn hard to believe anything anyone ever says now all because of that one person who just decided that it would be okay to lie to you.

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You don’t know how bad it hurts me when you say that I mean nothing to you.
A whole year was wasted on you and your selfish lies that I believed,
and now that I am trying to see past the hurt, I hope I’m hurting you too,
because I wont be here anymore. 
If you come running back, it’ll be too late.
I promise you, I won’t waste another breath, or tear on your sorry sole.  

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It makes me sad that kids these days will not know the fun we had pulling coupons out of the grocery store dispensers…
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My boyfrienddddddddddddddd<3
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i will forever fucking love this movie omfg