Perfectly Imperfect

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Don’t Give Up

It is crazy to look back and realize how much has changed in the past year. Even in the past few months everything has changed. It is actually depressing. One year ago I was the happiest that I had ever been with the most amazing person that I knew from the beginning he would be the one to hold my whole heart. He made me smile and laugh like no other and no matter what we were doing, we had a blast. He reminded me of my father and from a young age I knew that I wanted to be with someone just like him. I quite my 2 jobs about 3 weeks before school started in the Fall and we literally spent every day and every night together. It was perfect; we were perfect. He said the “L” word first and I was not long after him. We were completely infatuated with one another that we couldn’t get enough. We supported each other and had each others’ backs no matter what. We went through so much shit together in the past year that I question daily if it was worth it or not. If you love someone unconditionally as we did, every bit of it is worth it and if you can’t see that just yet, have patience for that day is coming when everything will pay off. Only people who truly love each other will get through the toughest of times and I believe that Jordan and I are coming to that end to where we can start a better, stronger beginning for ourselves and for our relationship. It won’t be easy but if it would be easy it wouldn’t be worth it <3 

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You don’t know how bad it hurts me when you say that I mean nothing to you.
A whole year was wasted on you and your selfish lies that I believed,
and now that I am trying to see past the hurt, I hope I’m hurting you too,
because I wont be here anymore. 
If you come running back, it’ll be too late.
I promise you, I won’t waste another breath, or tear on your sorry sole.  

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It makes me sad that kids these days will not know the fun we had pulling coupons out of the grocery store dispensers…
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My boyfrienddddddddddddddd&lt;3
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i will forever fucking love this movie omfg